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On 29th November 2010 a monument of Piotr Wysocki- a patron of 10 Brygada Logistyczna was exposed. A special room, in which we could find reminders , things documenting his life and merits especially during the November Revolt (Powstanie Listopadowe) was opened , too. Soldiers and scouts kept watch during the exposing ceremony which was made by Roman Klecha, a former logistic commander of Opole and presently the representative of Inspektorat Wsparcia Sił Zbrojnych.

Members of the Circle nr 25 decided to pay some amount of money to support building of the monument, which was accepted and appreciated by everyone .

Exposing the monument of the patron of Brygada Logistyczna

Soldiers and scouts kept watch during the exposing ceremony

Participants of the ceremony



A meeting of the Circle nr 25 was held on 21st December 2010. In the first- summary part- the most important events of the passing year were mentioned:

- organizing the Peacekeeper Day and other jubilee ceremonies of SKMP ONZ,
- meetings with soldiers of Brygada Logistyczna and Brygada Saperów,
-meetings with students at schools,
- preparing a website and a folder about Circle nr 25 SKMP ONZ,
- preparing a photo exhibition about Circle nr 25 SKMP ONZ,
- taking part in Opolskie Targi Organizacji Pozarządowych,
- designing a commemorative medal of the Circle,
- participating in greeting and farewell ceremonies,
- getting a gold medal “Opiekun miejsc pamięci narodowej” and ”Za zasługi dla województwa opolskiego”,
- taking care of the tombs of dead soldiers and helping their families.

Tradycyjnie przyjęto kolejnych członków . W nasze szeregi wstąpił gen.bryg.rez. Edward Szwagrzyk – b. dowódca 10 SDZ , uczestnik misji w Kosowie .

Edward Szwagrzyk became a new member of our circle. Jan Gołebiowski, Witold Filipowski, Andrzej Dominiak, Jan Kubica, Eugeniusz Niedźwiedzki, Jan Rehlis, Ryszard Rykalski, Andrzej Kucmierz, Henryk Kaczmarek, Piotr Wróblewski, Jan Zięciak, Zdzisław Kowal, Henryk Magosz, Patryk Moraczewski, Janusz Jasiulek, Stanisław Gaweł and Edward Łakomy were given medals SKMP ONZ. Zdzisław Środa got a commemorative medal SKMP ONZ and Andrzej Sławiński – a certificate. Complimentary letters were given to Andrzej Kucmierz, Ryszard Szpon, Kazimierz Suchiński, Jan Kubica, Wiesław Stebelski, Jan Zięciak, Tadeusz Ptasznik, Józef Kwiecień, Jerzy Erlichowski and Leszek Kamiński. Words of thanks for help and support of the Circle were directed to Stefan Szelka, Janusz Olechnowicz and Dariusz Pakuła.

The second part of the meeting was a recollective one and the people present wished one another Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

The meeting was conducted by the President of the Circle nr 25- Edward Łakomy

Participants of the meeting

Mariusz Pyka was given a certificate

Zdzisław Środa was given the commemorative medal

Medals were given to : Andrzej Kućmierz

Jan Zięciak

Jan Kubica

Ryszard Rykalski

Eugeniusz Niedźwiecki

Jan Rehlis

Henryk Magosz

Patryk Moraczewski

Zdzisław Kowal

Complimentary letters were given to: Jan Kubica

Tadeusz Ptasznik

Kazimierz Suchiński

Wiesław Stebelski

Ryszard Szpon

Zdzisław Kowal

Stefan Szelka was given thanks for his help and support of our activity within the Circle

Edward Szwagrzyk was handed a membership identity card and...

...a certificate

Thanks to Zdzisław Kowal

Wishes to members of our Circle from the new commander of the brigade and his substitute

A Christmas meeting

Ryszard Rykalski presenting Christmas carols and poems

The face of the medal "Za zasługi dla SKMP"

The reverse of the medal

New Year wishes.



Adam Słodczyk was nominated a new commander of 10 Brygada Logistyczna In Opole. Earlier he participated in foreign missions three times: in Kosowo (representing KFOR), in Afghanistan as a leader of NSE and as a leader of logistic battalion in Iraq. In 2005- 2008 he stayed in Brussels working for the European Agency of Defence. For his participation in Afghan mission he was rewarded with American Brown Star. Edward Łakomy, as a representative of the Circle nr 25 SKMP ONZ in Opole, congratulated Adam Slodczyk and wished him successful life and career.

Adam Słodczyk and the flag of 10 Brygada Logistyczna

E. Łakomy among people greeting the new commander



On 22nd November 2010, 74 soldiers commanded by Emil Kardaszuk came back home after a mission in Afghanistan. Representatives of state and local authorities, veteran organizations and others came to greet the soldiers. The Circle nr 25 was represented by Edward Łakomy. A speech was made by Jerzy Dworuch who expressed his satisfaction with the soldiers attitude in Afghanistan and the fact they came back Poland. The best soldiers were given rewards. On behalf of the Circle nr 25 SKMP ONZ Opole Edward Łakomy thanked the soldiers for their outstanding activity and wished them all the best in future career and personal life.

Edward Łakomy greeted the soldiers

Participants of the mission



On 29th October ,Zespół szkół Elektrycznych in Opole had an honour to show the photo exhibition about the Circle nr 25. Earlier, that very interesting exhibition was presented in Urząd Marszałkowski and Urząd Wojewódzki in Opole. Different fields of activity could be noticed in that exhibition. It informed us about peacekeeping missions, cooperation with local and state authorities, meetings with young people and soldiers from Brygada Logistyczna, Brygada Saperów, and others.

The author of the exhibitions was Edward Łakomy. It was presented in the school library of ZSE and all the students and teachers were very interested in it. The school headmaster Władysław Opoka expressed his support to our activities. The exhibition is supposed to be moved to other schools after 15th November.

The exhibition was presented in the school library

E. Łakomy talked about the Circle


THE CIRCLE SUCCESSES ( 20.10.2010 r .)

A gold medal “Opiekun Miejsc Pamięci Narodowej” was given to the Circle nr 25 from the Governor of Opole Ryszard Wilczyński to the President- Edward Łakomy, during the Congress of ZKRPiBWP Opole delegates on 20th October 2010.

For many years members of our Circle have taken care of the dead soldiers’ and other participants’ of peacekeeping missions tombs as well as give a lot of help to their families. We encourage students of local schools to cooperation, promoting patriotic attitudes in this way.

Edward Łakomy was a guest of the congress

Participants of the congress

The gold medal “Opiekun miejsc pamięci narodowej” for the Circle nr 25

The act of giving the gold medal “Opiekun miejsc pamięci narodowej”

E. Łakomy was given the gold medal “Opiekun miejsc pamięci narodowej” from the Governor of Opole



On 5th October 2010 a meeting of the Circle nr 25 took place.

Piotr Wróblewski was accepted as a new member of SKMP ONZ.
 Janusz Jasiulek was given the gold medal “ Za zasługi dla obronności kraju”.

The President Edward Łakomy mentioned the most important events connected with the jubilee:
-the Peacekeeper Day,
-art and knowledge contests,
-meetings with soldiers of Brygada Logistyczna and Brygada Saperów,
-meetings with students at schools,
-meeting with members of Parliament and local authorities,
-preparing a website and a folder about the Circle nr 25 SKMP ONZ,
-preparing a photo exhibition about the Circle nr 25 SKMP ONZ,
-taking part in the presentation of non- governmental organizations,
-designing a commemorative medal of the Circle.

The most important theses were included in OKÓLNIK nr 2/III/ZG/2010 and everybody present at the meeting was informed about it. The positive opinion of ZG turned out to be very satisfactory for members of the Circle nr 25. The problem of membership fees was also discussed at the suggestion of K. Suchiński, the treasurer of the Circle.

The President related his visit in Warsaw on 2nd September to take part in the SKMP ONZ Delegates Congress. It was focused on introducing some changes in the Statute to treat SKMP ONZ as an organization of public benefit which would help us to get some financial support. E. Łakomy also said about preparations for IV SKMP ONZ Congress and its main assumptions were discussed. Besides, some proposals concerning SKMP ONZ plans for the years 2012- 2015” were discussed.

Participants of the meeting accepted the Circle development programme which was sent to ZG.

Piotr Wróblewski- a new member of the Circle

Tadeusz Szpunar was given a certificate

The commemorative medal for Ryszard Kimel

The meeting was conducted by the President of the Circle

The medal “Za zasługi dla obronności kraju” was given to Janusz Jasiulek



On 5th October 2010 in Urząd Marszałkowski a photo exhibition about 10 -year history of SKMP ONZ was presented by Edward Łakomy, accompanied by Stefan Szelka- the chief of ZWZKRPiBWP and Janusz Olechnowicz- a representative of Kuratorium Oświaty and students from Zespół Szkół Elektrycznych in Opole.

The exhibition concerned all the fields of SKMP ONZ activities. The most important events were showed. The exhibition is going to be moved to Urząd Wojewódzki in two weeks time and next to schools and other institutions in Opole region.

Te opening of the exhibition, including the interview the President made, was transmitted by the local radio.

Information about the exhibition

Photos about 10- year- history of the Circle

E. Łakomy showed the plan of exhibition

Students of ZSE visiting the exhibition

Students of ZSE visiting the exhibition

E. Łakomy and Stefan Szelka opened the exhibition



On 4th September 2010 the SKMP ONZ delegates congress took place in Warsaw. Its main purpose was making some changes in the Statute to treat SKMP ONZ as an organization of public benefit. The changes introduced had been discussed and accepted earlier.

Edward Łakomy participated in the discussion on different circles achievements, presenting the most important achievements of theCircle nr 25. He informed about cooperation of the Circle within the confines of non-government organizations and its role in II Opolskie Targi Organizacji Pozarządowych.

At the end the President showed the aims for the future and encouraged to become members of SKMP ONZ. The membership fees were also discussed.

The flag of SKMP ONZ

Birthday wishes for Zbigniew Bednarski

The place of meeting. Edward Łakomy (first on the left)



As a non- governmental organization, the Circle nr 25 SKMP ONZ participated in the meeting of non- governmental organizations (Targi Organizacji Pozarządowych )organized by Urząd Marszałkowski. The Circle was represented by Edward Łakomy. The speakers from Mi nisterstwo Pracy i Polityki Społecznej talked about changes in the rules about public activity, volunteers and their influence on cooperation between public administration and non- governmental organizations. Then the assumptions of the Dialogue Centre were presented. The increasing importance of women in non- governmental organizations was also discussed.

The reward of the Marshal of Opole (Opolska Niezapominajka)and the reward of the President of Opole (Trzeci sector w mieście Opolu- zobaczcie jacy jesteśmy)were ordered.

On the second day the presentation of non- governmental organizations took place. Fifty one organizations showed their offers to people living in our region. There were artistic, sport, tourist ones and others.

The Circle nr 25 presented interesting folders, photo albums about our work, the missions we took part in, the medals we got, etc. A lot of people were interested in our offer. During the presentation Edward Łakomy, Kazimierz Suchiński, Wiesław Stebelski, Jan Zięciak and Jan Kubica were responsible for the stall of our Circle. It was visited by Apolonia Klepacz (a representative of Senate), Violetta Porowska –a candidate for the president of Opole, Patryk Jaki- a councilor RM of Opole. The information on the Circle could be found later in Biuletyn Opolskiego Centrum Wspierania Inicjatyw Pozarządowych.

The Circle’s stand at the trade fair

Information about the Circle

Our achievements




On 10th June 2010 the President of the Circle nr 25 SKMP ONZ- Edward Łakomy- paid a visit in school nr 21 in Opole. He met there with its students, among whom there were winners of the art contest about the role of Polish soldiers in peacekeeping missions ONZ- Dagmara Klonowska, Łukasz Wystrach and Borys Fesdorf. They were rewarded for the artworks they prepared. Thanks were also given to their teacher– Beata Stefan. The school headmaster got a Cup for the students’ team victory.

The headmaster Krystyna Płaskoń with a Cup and a diploma for winning the contest

The winners with the headmaster and the President of the Circle


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